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Hello! My name is Olexa Seoshko. Well, this is my nickname actually. My real name is Oleksandr Kryvotsiuk. I am an SEO expert and a Full-stack internet marketer. I have been helping small and medium-sized companies in various niches to increase organic traffic, attract more potential customers and improve the return on advertising investment since 2013.

I started my path to digital marketing 7 years ago when I started offering web development services. I quickly realized that any website without targeted traffic is the same as a car with an empty tank. Therefore, I began to study and gain practical experience in SEO (search engine optimization) and Paid Ads. In 2015 I became a certified specialist in search engine optimization and in the development of marketing strategies in 2016. In 2018, I started my own digital marketing blog and started teaching.



Search engine optimization

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. 92% of all Internet dwellers use Google to search for various information. 75% of users do not go beyond the 1st page of search results. Get an unlimited number of search customers with no advertising costs. How to do it? I’ll help you with this. SEO-strategy from Olexa Seoshko will answer the questions: how? how long? what is the cost? Competitive analysis, collection and grouping of search queries, creation of relevant pages, technical optimization, increasing the credibility of pages - all that is my expertise. What will you get:

  • increase of the search queries that show your site on Google
  • improving the position of the site in search results
  • increase in site traffic
  • increase of sales through the site

Not by SEO alone

Do you want sales today and can not wait 3-6 months when the website will be in Google’s top 10? Good, good… I will eagerly help you in this. Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and Google Ads allow you to generate sales instantly. If you haven't read the section "About me", I will repeat that I’m not only an SEO expert, but also a Full Stack internet marketer. Developing advertising that "gets you hooked on", launching any online advertising, setting up automated sales and analytics - are my expertise as well. What will you get:

  • increase in traffic from social networks, search engines and other sites
  • increase in sales through the site
  • increase of the advertising investments efficiency (pay less - get more from advertising)


High quality of services

My experience and technical expertise allow me to perform many tasks without the involvement of technical staff (programmers).

Full control over the process

Employee monitoring software allows you to control performers remotely. I am for transparency of cooperation.

Protection of commercial information

I know how to keep secrets. Any discussion of project’s details should begin with the signing of the NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement).

The best price

You have the opportunity to order an SEO-expert from Ukraine with an attractive rate (from $25 per hour)



Food delivery

Toretto is a food delivery service specializing in Italian, Japanese, Thai, and Chinese cuisines. The Toretto menu includes more than 40 types of sushi rolls, 10 types of pizza, 5 types of burgers. For user’s convenience, there is a website where one can order food delivery in just 3 clicks.

Project status: in progress

Customer task: Increase site traffic through Google search conversions. Display site’s "Sushi" and "Pizza" pages in the TOP-10 Google search.

Progress: A technical SEO audit was conducted. Errors in meta-tags as well as in the structure of site information content are revealed and corrected. Unique content added. A strategy for increasing the authority of the site domain has been developed and implemented. Also I added microdata markup.

Result: the number of search queries in the TOP-1 - 10, in the TOP-3 - 18, in the TOP-10 - 76



Online fabric store

Rayan Textiles online fabric store offers a wide range of knitwear, costume fabrics, and outerwear fabrics. You can buy fabrics both at retail and wholesale.

Project status: in progress

Customer task: Optimize the website loading speed. Increase website traffic by conversion from Google search.

Progress: A technical SEO audit was conducted. The site loading speed has been optimized. I fixed bugs in meta tags. Added new content in category pages. Increased authority of the domain and its individual pages.

Result: The loading speed of the website has increased 5 times. The number of search queries in the TOP-1 - 7, in the TOP-3 - 21, in the TOP-10 - 81



Photo studio

Zoom Studio is a photo studio website and art space for people who want to create. Here you can take photos in different styles. Professional equipment, photographers, and various designer photo zones will help you with this.

Project status: in progress

Customer task: Increase the website traffic by conversion from Google search.

Progress: Collected and grouped search queries. A technical SEO-audit was conducted. Bugs in meta tags were fixed. Also, I resolved technical bugs that slowed down site loading. A content plan for the blog has been developed. Authority of the domain and individual pages was increased.

Result: The number of search queries in the TOP-1 - 12, in the TOP-3 - 43, in the TOP-10 - 112



What is SEO?
SEO - is the process of adjusting the technical parameters of the website, content, external factors (increase of external links to the website, mentions of the company or product) to meet the requirements of the search engine algorithm and raise the site's position in search results for certain user queries. The main goal of SEO is to increase site attendance due to search traffic.
What does SEO optimization consist of?
Why do I need an SEO strategy?
How much does SEO costs
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