PPC Marketing Services from Seoshko

Pay-Per-Click marketing services can greatly increase traffic to your site. You can attract hundreds or thousands of clicks to your resource. But the best part is that the people who click on your ads are people genuinely interested in your business. The only thing you need is the help of a professional marketing agency to run the process correctly without wasting money.

Pay-per-click Campaign Management Services

PPC advertising consultation

To launch a successful PPC marketing campaign, you must first assess the situation and take all factors into account. This is why we offer a consulting service before the start of any PPC marketing campaign. Make your paid ads work in Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, etc.

PPC advertising management

We provide a complete range of services for PPC advertising management. No Autopilot only full control of the PPC marketing campaigns, campaign optimization (cost reduction, optimization of the advertising efficiency), and reporting.

PPC advertising content creation

In order for the ad to be clicked on, it has to look good and catch the eye. We take on this task, as our service list includes writing content, developing graphic elements (web design), editing videos, and much more.

PPC advertising optimization

During and at the end of the PPC marketing campaign it is very important to analyze its results. We will do web analytics, a/b testing to understand the effectiveness of advertising and then conduct activities to increase the effectiveness of marketing services.

We Provide PPC Management for Next Ad Platforms

  1. Advertising in Google search, banner ads, remarketing
  2. Google Shopping
  3. Bing Ads
  4. Google Ads
  5. Facebook Ads
  6. Twitter Ads
  7. Youtube Advertising
  8. Instagram Advertising
  9. Linkedin Advertising

PPC marketing services to boost your customer flow

PPC marketing services increase your revenue, sales, and leads. As long as you offer great products or services, PPC advertising is likely to drive conversions. So let's do it together for your business. Just click the button below.


How much do pay-per-click campaign management services cost?
From $500 for 1 PPC marketing campaign. Price includes settings of advertising account, advertising campaign, content, visual part (web design).
How do you work with PPC?
How to start a PPC campaign?
How do PPC ads help businesses?