SEO Content Writing Services from Seoshko

No matter how good your website is, without proper content it is useless. What's more, the content must appeal not only to your customers but also to search engines. Luckily for you, Alexander Seoshko and his team can help you with both of these issues.

SEO-friendly Content Writing Services

Preparation of technical assignment for SEO content

Just writing new content is not enough to successfully promote a website. To succeed, you need to understand the intent, create content that will answer user questions, be relevant, and adhere to google E-A-T requirements. We have extensive experience in preparing technical assignments that ensure all search engine requirements for quality content are met.

SEO-Friendly Content Writing

We will prepare professional SEO texts for press releases, blog articles, and other pages of the website. Our specialists are experienced in many niches and have enough language proficiency level to create stylistic and lexical masterpieces.

Website Content Creation

Our services aren’t limited to textual content alone. You can order video content, web design, and more from us.

Our Advantages

Full-cycle SEO content writing services

Our copywriting specialists understand the importance of comprehensive work and therefore provide turnkey SEO content writing. You’ll get a full range of services from building a content strategy to preparing technical assignments, writing SEO texts, and design of visual elements.

The best price on the market

We have several packages for SEO content writing that start at $1000 per month. If none of them suits you we can make you a custom offer starting at $13 for 1000 characters.

Result oriented

We always work to achieve a specific result. In the case of SEO content writing, we will provide you with the increase of displays of the site in search, improvement of search engines’ positions, as well as additional traffic.

SEO content writing agency is waiting for your new project

Each new client for us is not only an opportunity to prove our skills but also the prospect of filling the web with new high-quality content. You are only one button away from this content. So click it!


How much does SEO-friendly content writing cost?
We have a variety of pricing plans for all clients. You can order a package starting at $1,000 per month, or negotiate special terms starting at $13 per 1000 characters.
How do you do your SEO-friendly content writing?
How to start SEO content writing?
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